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Retail / Promotion
    Radio-Active-Music represents Delica-m in the US... Radio-Active-Music
    Danse Macabre represents Delica-m in Europe... Danse Macabre
    Storming The Base sells CDs and other merchandise for synthpop/EBM/industrial fans... Storming The Base
Music and Fashion
    Jennifer Parkin of Ayria is the female vocal on our track Snowing In Here... Ayria
    Studio 600 and HairExtensions.ca are Toronto hair specialists who have provided services to the band... hairextensions.ca
Radio - Canada
    DJ Shannon is Toronto's sexiest club DJ spinning Punk, Hard Rock, Alternative, Metal, Old School, Funk, Disco, Goth, Industrial and EBM... DJ Shannon
Radio - USA
    Dark Horizons has included us on their dance of the dead compilation... Dark Horizons
    EBM-Radio is a great supporter of Delica-m... EBM-Radio
    Cyberage Radio features electro-industrial, power noise, experimental, EBM, synthpop, and all the other dark subdivisions of electronic music... Cyberage Radio
    The Ungodly Hour is music for the rest of us... The Ungodly Hour
Visual Media
    Bryce Hallett of Frogfeet Productions worked on our first video Counting Stars... Frogfeet Productions
    Jade Lens Productions has provided services for several of our videos... Jade Lens Productions
    The official photographer of the band is J.Cwik of VelvetPhoto... VelvetPhoto
    Toronto-Goth has organized and promoted countless Delica-m shows... Toronto-Goth
    Shadow Tymes is a network for the Kindred community... Shadow Tymes